Wanderings from the Deer Stand

Another chilly morning sitting in the woods. Waiting. Listening. Trying to pick up on any movement or other sign that will alert me to the presence my prey.

This is the time of year I most enjoy. The air is crisp. The bugs are tolerable. I have an excuse to sit still and be present. I need this time to stay connected and grounded.

However, instead of being in the moment and focusing on the hunt, I am typing my thoughts onto my phone. I cannot seem to still my mind.

There is so much turmoil and division in the world and especially in our country. We are living through a pandemic. There is a collection gear, anxiety, and unnecessary distrust. We are seeing the ugliness of our collective selves. Worst of all, this is leaving a lasting impression on our children.

There is a great amount of transition in my own life. More weight being placed on my shoulders. Expectations of me, from others and myself. Difficult decisions that have consequences.

I am not complaining about any of this. Well, I do believe our leaders should act like mature adults and put the common good ahead of their personal agendas. I want responsibility of dealing with challenges before me. I just pray that I make the right decisions

Even though I’m not focused on the stated purpose of deer hunting, being in the woods and the process of writing this post has helped ground me.

Now back to being present.

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