Be The Gatekeeper

You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

Said Someone…maybe the Buddha

There is so much going on in this world. A pandemic, civil unrest, and an overall lack of leadership. Our collective stress level is through the roof. If you want to really bring your blood pressure up, just click on any of the social media sites. There we can see the ugliness of this world. People feel free to spread fake news (the real fake news as opposed to the actual news that people dislike), belittle those with whom they disagree, politicize every tragedy, and express unfiltered (and often bigoted and ignorant) opinions. For me, I tend to feel worse after spending time on social media. Most of the time I get angry or frustrated at all of the above.

The corporations that run these sites profit from all of this fear and division. In fact, they create algorithms to keep us looking, which leads us to more and more extreme viewpoints.

While I believe that these tech giants should have an obligation to society with the power they wield; ultimately, we are the gatekeepers of our minds. We can choose who we let into our lives. We can decide who to follow or friend on these sites. We can choose whether to engage in a comment war with someone whose mind we know we can’t change. We can set time limits on how long we spend scrolling on these sites. Do the same for our children, whose minds are more vulnerable.

I am not advocating deleting all social media apps from our phones…otherwise how will we know when it is someone’s birthday? Instead, control what enters the mind and influences our thoughts. Be the Gatekeeper.

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