Take a Walk

Sometimes I need to get away.  I feel trapped when I am in the office for hours.  It’s not the work that bothers me.  It’s the confinement.  There is also sometimes an atmosphere in the office that is tense and suffocating.  I can’t control how others are feeling and the negative vibes that they are transmitting.  What I can control is how I react.

Time to take a walk and wander the streets.  When walking, I don’t dwell on what has happened or will occur.  I focus on the Now.  I feel the Sun radiating warmth though my body and the breeze blowing across my face.  I listening to the clanging from the flagpole atop the courthouse, the wind through the leaves of the street trees, and the sounds of the vehicles making their way through the streets.  I notice the intricacies of the buildings and see the beauty of the street art. I breathe, take it all in, and let it back out into the World.



Taking a walk is Grounding. This helps me get out of myself and feel a connection with the world around me.  I am able Listen to the Higher Power within me for Guidance.

When I get back to the office, the negativity and stress swirling around now seems trivial.  I am better equipped to take what Life is giving me and taking the next Right step.

Time to Take a Walk.


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