The Journal

Today is my wife’s birthday.  I am grateful that she agreed to marry me.  I am grateful that she is a wonderful mother to our three boys.  I am grateful that she has stuck with me during the bad times.  I am truly grateful for her love.

Even though it is a day for her to receive presents, I would like to give thanks for one of the special gifts that she has given me.

I am an introvert and often have trouble expressing my emotions.  This can lead to me dwelling of negative thoughts, all or nothing thinking, generalizing, and other stinkin’ thinkin’.

My wife introduced me to journaling.  This has greatly helped me in living a better life.  I am able to express myself and get the negativity out of me.  Journaling is now an essential tool in improving my conscious contact with my Higher Power.  When I have a problem or issue that I am trying to work through, the answer usually comes out as I am writing.  I know that this is the Spirit flowing through me and onto the page.

When I journal in the morning, I am able to focus on the upcoming day.  I can sometimes be a great procrastinator or can have so much to do that I get overwhelmed.  Having a journal allows me to make lists and prioritize.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am able to cross a task off the list.

In the evening, I journal about my day.  It allows me to examine what I did, my motives, things for which I was grateful, what I could have done better, and times during the day that I felt the Presence of God.

I am not always consistent in this practice.  Progress, not perfection.  When I do journal, I always feel better.

On this special day, I am Grateful for my wife and her gift to me.

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