Be Still and Know

One of my favorite messages from the Bible is Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I am God.” In the past, I had a problem with the last part of this. The “God” part. This is because religion, especially fear mongering fundamentalist Christianity, which has created an image of a God that will throw you in an eternal hell if you do not bow down to him and recognize that Jesus is the one and only true savior.

This concept of God is actually a carry-over from the pagan gods of ancient Romans and Greeks, not the loving God found in the Gospels. This concept of God has been used by empires, kings, governments, and the Church to maintain its power. They perpetuate an Imperial God that focuses on reward and punishment in the after-life, not living your best life and helping others.

This is not only bad theology, but it is also an unsustainable model for religion. Just look at all of the people who are turning their back to organized religion. A religion based upon Fear will not last.
God is unconditional Love. God is Goodness. God not a male Zeus king throwing lightning bolts at us sinners. God is created in our image, both male and female. Our relationship with God is not transactional, it is transformative.
The early followers of Christ were not a religion. They were part of a movement called The Way. This was not based upon doctrines, creeds, and laws. It was focused “metanoeite”, which has been translated to mean “go beyond your mind.”

God is all around us and within us, we just need to be still and listen. We need to take a Pause from dwelling on past resentments. We need to take a Pause from our fear of the future. We need to Pause and appreciate the Present. Be in the Moment. Listen and Know that God is telling the next right step the we should take.

A Meditation Practice from Fr. Richard Rohr. Using Psalm 46:10, after saying part of the verse, Pause and take a breath:

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still and Know that I Am

Be Still and Know

Be Still


Lone Tree

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