One of the many pleasures of being a father is attending morning Mass with by boys at their school.  Each one has Mass on a different day, so I have a chance to have special time with each of them individually.  I am grateful that I have a schedule that allows me to do this on a fairly regular basis.

I sometimes have to wait a few minutes for them to arrive.  This gives me some time for mediation and reflection.  The other day, I was thinking about how much I enjoy being around water.  I grew up in a house that backed up to some woods.  A creek ran through the valley, and I spent countless hours exploring the creek, building dams, hunting for crawdads, and getting my shoes soaked.

As a teenager, I looked forward to our annual trip to the beach.  While loved getting in the water, jumping into the waves, and body surfing during the day, my favorite time was at night.  I felt most at peace listening to the waves crash against the shore and watching the moon rise and fall across the sea.  I would stare out at a lighting storm miles off shore.  There may have been chaos and turmoil out at sea and within my teenage self, but at that moment, I experienced complete serenity.  I knew that all was good and that I would be alright.

I still find that sense of calm when I am near water.  I feel the presence of God when the wind causes ripples across a calm lake, seeing the churns and whirling of the river current, and watching the flow of a mountain stream over the rocks.  While there may be anxiety in my life, for these moments can transform these feelings into peace and tranquility.  Everything is good.  Everything will be alright.

One of the readings during that Mass was from the book of Ezekiel.  It says, in part, “…for wherever the water goes it brings health, and the life teems wherever the river flows.”  I hear these words, I am sitting with my son, I hear the babble of the baptismal font, I feel God’s Presence.  All is Good.  Everything is Alright.


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