Divided Together

Us v. Them.  It is a tactic used to manipulate us, divide us into “camps” and “tribes,” and create Fear.  Those in power divide us into two political parties and use this to garner donations and votes.  Some media networks’ entire business model is based upon dividing us.  Religion, at least the power structure of organized religion, is not immune from using division to keep the flock in check. They want us to choose sides.  Once you do so, it is expected that you stay true to your camp.  Everything and everyone on our side is good and right. Every person and idea from the other side is wrong and evil.

The worst thing that could happen for those who seek to divide us is for us to get to know one another.  For us to have a conversation and actually Listen, with open-minds and open-hearts.  No one has a monopoly on the Truth.  We have more in common than they want us to know.  Sure, we may have different ideas of how to reach our common goals, but unless we truly Listen, we will never move forward.  This is the Fear of our Dividers.

We are all Connected.  We are made from the same elements. At one point in time, all of the continents were one.  Therefore, we came from the same land…without man-made borders.  We live on a shared planet, breath the same air.  Most importantly, are are all created by God, which means we have Divine DNA within us all.


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