Goals and Positive Detours

I have been in the woods since the last posting.  Well, not the entire time.  I did go to work, spent time with family, celebrated the holidays, traveled, and coached my son’s basketball team.  What I mean is, the Fall and Winter are the seasons when I love getting out in the woods.  I really enjoy sitting and taking it all in: the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.  It is my time to recharge, ponder life, meditate, and occasionally doze off and suddenly wake up not knowing where I am.

While out in the woods, I decided to set certain goals.  I am not calling them resolutions because I usually set myself up for failure when I resolve to do something.  Instead, I will try my best to appreciate everything.  This includes everything that I have (family, job, health), the world around me, and everyone whom I encounter along the journey.

I will spend more time truly appreciating my family.  Sometimes we lose ourselves in schedules, work, and the pettiness of our national politics.  These are merely distractions from what is really important: Family.  Just as my father did for my sisters and me, I try to be involved in my boys’ lives and activities.  I coach their soccer and basketball teams.  I have been their Scout leader.  Not only does this allow me to help teach and spend quality time with them, I also get to know their friends and peers, some of whom do not have a father figure or male role model at home.  I hope that I can be a positive influence on them, just as much as they have been a positive influence on me.

I will try to see the Good in everyone, even those whom I find disagreeable.  I recently heard it said that “everyone is your teacher.”  This is so true.  Everyone has something to teach us…both good and bad.  I need to appreciate each encounter and focus on what I learn from these interactions.

I am going to take the roads less traveled.  Part of my job is driving to check on various properties.  In doing so, I sometimes “zone out” and forget to take in my surroundings.  From now on, I will take the alternate route.  I will stop and appreciate sights along the way. If I see a park or other interesting site, I will pay a visit. Even if the detour is just for a few minutes.

Through these goals, I hope to become more mindful of and appreciate all that is Good in the world.

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