My Moral Compass

We all have a moral compass within us that tells us the way we are supposed to live our lives.  Sometimes, it is hard to read and we unintentionally go off course.  Sometimes, it is easy to read and we knowingly take the wrong path.

I have ignored my moral compass more times than I want to admit.  I have made poor choices, been lost, and holed up in dark places. I have sometimes left a trail of destruction.

With the help of my Higher Power, I am getting back on track.  I am continuing to improve my conscious contact with God.  I am now Aware of when I am veering off the Trail.  I now pause when I am faced with making a poor decision.  When I am in doubt about which direction to go, I seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. I am trying to repair the harm that I may have caused, by making amends or living a better life.  The Way is always shown to me, I just need follow directions.

The path may be crooked, but I trust that my moral compass is keeping me straight.  For this, I am Grateful.

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