Reconnecting with Life

We are truly living in a remarkable time.  This is the Information Revolution.  We literally carry computers and camera with us wherever we go.    We have the ability to look up anything we want at anytime.  No more pulling the Encyclopedia Britannica off the shelf, traveling to the library, or just going outside to observe.  We have everything at our fingertips.

Social media allows us to keep track of “friends”, some old ones and some new ones who we may never have even met in person.  We can update our status or post a picture showing how great our lives are…or at least how great we want people to think out lives are. Hell, we can even see the inner thoughts of our President on Twitter.

It is an exciting time to be alive.

However, despite being connected by a web of networks, we are increasingly becoming disconnected from each other and the true life around us.

Instead of get-togethers, we have text groups and closed Facebook pages.  Instead of calling to chat, we send texts.  We are not joining clubs and organizations with like-minded people where we can meet, have discussions, and try to make the change we want to see in the world because we would rather rant and complain on social media.

We are also becoming more and more disconnected from nature.  While it is great to learn about our world on-line, it is better to get outside and experience it.  The forests and wilderness are increasingly becoming foreign to us, even though it is a part of who we are.

I find it energizing to take a walk in the woods.  I feel the connection with nature.  I can hear the Holy Spirit when I am outside and away from the distractions of technology.  My anxiety dissipates when I breath in the fresh air, hear the sounds of the forest, and feel the earth in my hands.

So, I need to do my part to reconnect with life.  I promise to take my family on camping trips.  I will attend more in-person meetings.  When I want to talk, I will call and not text.  I may ever take a break from social media…but I am not going to make any promises on that one.

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